Hot rolling is above the recrystallization temperature.Simpler, a piece of steel billet in heating after several after rolling, and trimming, correct as steel plate, this is called hot rolled.Can significantly reduce the energy consumption and reduce costs.When hot rolled metal plasticity, low deformation resistance, greatly reduce the energy consumption of metal deformation.Hot rolling can improve the processing performance of metal and alloy, the casting of the state of the bulky grain crushing, significant crack healing, reduce or eliminate the casting defects, the as-cast into deformation, improve the processing performance of alloy.

Steel plate width can also be used for a 50 mm or 10 mm multiples of any size, steel plate length is 100 mm or 50 mm multiples of any size, but the thickness is less than  4 mm and steel length shall not be less or equal to 1.2 m, the thickness is greater than 4 mm and the steel length shall not be less than 2 m. Other sizes of steel plates and steel belts can be supplied as required by both parties.

Hot Rolling also includes 65Mn and other alloy spring steel:    

  Spring steel refers to the steel that is used to make springs and elastic elements due to the elasticity of quenching and tempering. The elasticity of steel depends on its ability of elastic deformation, which means that the elastic deformation is able to withstand a certain load within the specified range, and no permanent deformation occurs after the load is removed. Should spring steel has excellent comprehensive performance, such as mechanical properties (especially the elastic limit, ultimate strength, showed), play reduce resistance (namely elasticity decreased resistance, also known as relaxation resistance), fatigue performance, hardenability, physical and chemical properties, heat resistant, good low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.). In order to meet the performance requirements, spring steel has good metallurgical quality (high purity and uniformity), good surface quality, (strictly control the surface defect and decarburization), accurate shape and size.

Our company generally sells hot rolled steel rolls or steel plates, and can be cut into strips according to customer requirements. For high demand hot rolled (such as 65Mn), we can also sell round steel or flat steel.